Repeating group constaints

I have a repeating group that shows Thing’s.

This Thing has two fields: User(List of Things) and Resource(List of Things).

The “Resource” thing has a field called “Type”(Text)

I want the repeating group to show:
¤ “Things” that have “User contains Current User” ¤
¤ “Thing” with a “Resource” That has a “Type” = “String” ¤.

The first ¤…¤ works flawlessly, I can have multiple “Things” that has “current user” associated, and it displays them all in the repeated group.

The Second ¤…¤ is a mystery, it only shows ONE “Thing”… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I have tried to: “Resources contains” “Do a search for Resource” constraint: Type = “String”.

The problem is:
For “user” It suffices to choose “Current User” and then everything is displayed associated to current user.

BUT For the second filter witch is another List in the “Thing”, it only shows one item in the repeated group. This is probably because I have to add one of the following:
:first Item :last item or :random Item. This is not needed for “Current User”…

How do I filter the repeating group to show all “Things” that have a “Resource” with a field called “Type” containing a specific “String” ?

I have tested the repeating group Data source: “Merged With” and “:filter”.
And at Search for “Things” Constraints. They all want :first item…

When you set up your repeating group, you should first do the dynamic expression to be ‘search for things’ and constrain by ‘user contains current user’…then click the more button next to that expression.

This is something that sometimes is not known to be available as the dynamic expression is probably already blue and doesn’t show the more button…to access it, click the last part of the expression to turn it orange and then you’ll see the more button.

Click more and then select filter and in the filter put the constraints for your thing with a resource.

That would be resource = do a search for resource and constrain by type = string

I’m not sure exactly how your database is structured because the use of the word ‘thing’ so often has me confused…if you re-write it with the actual name of the custom data type it would be more helpful

  1. What is that ‘Thing’
  2. User (List of Things) What is that thing?
  3. Resource (List of Things) What is that thing?

I’ll try to clarify like this:
| Thing Name | Field1 (Type of the field content) | FieldN (Type of the field content) |.

The DB:
| Node | BelongsToUsers(List of Type User) | Resources(List of Type Resource)|
| Resource | Type(Type ResourceType) |
| ResourceType | Type (Text) |

So what I cant manage is for the repeating group to show all Nodes who have a Resource that has a ResourceType with a Text field that matches a String.

The Current User constraint works but it is only nesting one time.
The Resource constraint/filter nests three times and only show one element in the repeating group. Bubble forces me to select :first item since I’m filtering through lists.

Here are pictures of the flow

The filter logic:



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