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Repeating group filtered on an 'OR' conditions


I have a table ‘Requests’ with a field called Specialty. I have a repeating group that searches’ Requests and displays all the Requests’ records. What I want is that the repeating group shows the cells ie records from the table Requests that have the following constraint:
Specialty = Parent group’s requests’s specialty OR Created By = Current User

The Constraints in the repeating group when I do Search for requests are always AND constraints

Any way to do it?

Many thanks

Hi there, @abalgir… one way to go about it is to use the :merge with option. So, do a search with the first constraint, and then merge that search with a search that has the current user constraint. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,
Thank you for this prompt response. It worked like a charm ! :ok_hand:

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