Repeating group content is not showing

Hey community, I am building on bubble and for the past 3 days, my repeating group content is not just showing up. I’ve experimented with dynamic content and even static content but nothing just seems to work. I don’t know what to do anymore. ps: my previous repeating groups are showing. Newly created ones are not showing. Does it have limitations based on the paid plan I’m using?

this is my setup in the editor:

here is the preview:

you can see the background color changes, but the content is not showing

btw this is all static data I’m using here

What do you mean ‘static data?’ RG’s can’t use static data…

@itoroumoeka, it would be helpful to see a screenshot of how your RG is set up. What is its data source, and how are the contained elements configured?

@adamhholmes, not sure if it’s what the OP means, but RGs can be “static” in the sense that the data doesn’t have to be pulled from the DB. Of course, the data source must be a “dynamic” expression, but that expression can simply be a delimited text string that was manually entered. I suppose an option set could also be considered a “static” data source.

Oh I see my error, Although just some of the data is showing, not all I’ll share a screenshot soon

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Thank you. It’s been resolved now. I just had to set up my data. Sorry guys I’m new to this

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