Issue getting dynamic content to show in repeating group

Hi all!

So, I’m stuck trying to figure out how to get some dynamic data to show up in a repeating group.

In this app, there are goals, and then there are initiatives that are tied to goals. I have one repeating group that shows all the goals, and then within that repeating group, I have another that shows all the initiatives that are tied to that goal. This works when done as text alone (where in the goal repeating group I was able to get all the sub initiatives tied to that goal to be listed out, but they’re just listed one after another, as seen in the screenshot). Knowing that the methodology would work, since it rendered the right data when done as text, I then attempted to get it to render via a repeating group, for a cleaner implementation.

However, when I create the repeating group with the exact same parameters as the text, it knows the values, but refuses to show them on the page. They load for a fraction of a second on the page load, and then disappear (I’ve checked a billion times to make sure there’s nothing blocking it from rendering in workflows, etc). I’ve made sure it’s checked to show on the page loading, but still they only flash for a brief second, then disappear. Furthermore, the data is present when inspected via the inspection tool - it just isn’t rendering. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong here? Been banging my head against this for too long, and figured it’s time to take it to the community for input. Thanks!

Screenshot 2023-01-14 111309

Hi there, @gmcmusic… the first thing that comes to mind (for me, at least) is that the text element simply isn’t big enough to show the text. Have you already tried making the element bigger?



Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case - I just made the elements really big, and still nothing shows. The text does flash for about half a second when the page first loads, but then goes away. I copy/pasted the content onto a fresh page with no workflows as well, and still have the some output :frowning:

What is the repeating group’s data source? Do you have any privacy rules in place that might be getting in the way?

Edit: I guess it can’t be privacy rules because the data is showing when it’s not in a repeating group. Can you share a read-only link to your editor?

By the way, when you say you made the element really big, you mean you adjusted the width and the height, right?

Correct - I expanded both the height and width of the available area.

You can see the data flash briefly onload here:

and I think I made it so that everyone can view the app, but (a) I’m not totally sure how to give a read only link to the editor ( | Bubble Editor), so hopefully change does that; and (b) I’m on the free plan - so I’m not sure what is/isn’t possible there. Thanks!

In the repeating group where it flashes, the text element is way too small. It’s showing up fine in the other repeating group, so what’s the issue here? Just that it flashes in the smaller repeating group where the text element is way too small? If so, the issue is that the text element is, well, way too small.

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oof. The issue is that I’m a clown. I was editing the dashboard page (to have larger text areas), but refreshing the test page ( Your initial guess was dead-on - it was the space this whole time, and I was updating one place and looking for it in another. Sorry for the chaos, and thanks for taking the time to help!

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