Repeating group cuts off shadow

The below image is the exact same group, except the top is appearing in a RepeatingGroup. The bottom group has been copied out of the RepeatingGroup.

Following is the shadow style on the Group.

Does anyone know why the RepeatingGroup cuts off the shadow at the edge, or what I can do?


Can you send a screenshot of what exactly you mean by the shadow being cut off?

Is the repeating group above within another group?

Sorry, was meant to be in the original - edited.

Yes it is.

Both of these are occurances of ‘Group OS Benchmark Category’

Unrelated but I like the look of your RGs :slight_smile: What icons are you using?

I solve this issue with custom CSS. Assign an ID to the relevant RG element, and then paste the following code inside an HTML element:


		overflow: visible !important;


LIFESAVER!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

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