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Repeating group works poorly

Hello everyone. Bubbles, does anyone know why the repeating group is clipping the content. Two weeks ago everything worked fine, but now the bottom is being cut off. Who knows what happened?

Hi, we got the same problem last week. I sent out a bug report, but it took too long to get a response and we couldn’t leave the UI of our app with clipped RGs. Our quick solution was to use custom CSS (height:unset !important;).

Hope problems like this don’t come too often with the new responsive engine. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Can you show the complete Css code or take a screenshot of this code?

Here is the problem we were facing, where the dark squares are an Ext. vertical scrolling RG. Notice the bottom row is clipped.

This is the output when adding the custom CSS code.

Here is the solution we used to resolve this issue. For this to work you need to activate the ID attribute setting (Settings > General > General apperance > Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements :ballot_box_with_check:)

  1. Add a custom Id to your RGs ID attribute

  2. Add a custom script to the Page HTML Header

<style> #clipped-rg { height: unset !important; } </style>

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Thanks. You helped me a lot!

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Hey! Just to let you know this bug has been fixed, hence your RGs shouldn’t be clipped anymore without the custom CSS code. :tada:

Yes. I checked that everything works. Thanks.

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