Repeating Group spacing is haywire

All of the repeating groups in my deployed app are very spaced out. This behavior started at about 11am EST today.

Screenshots attached. Each of these repeating groups are used to show approx 20px spacing between records, but now it’s spacing them out very far and showing the scroll bar for each rg.

rg 1

Some of my repeating groups are functioning odd as well.

Yep we’re seeing exactly the same thing and this is affecting all versions. I’ve raised a bug with them as top priority.

Bubble is looking into it.

Same here. The bug is happening on Chrome based browsers, but not in Firefox.

Any way to fix this?


I fixed it changing the value of the RG property “min height of row” from 100% to a number of Px

Have any of you enabled the new experimental feature on object rendering?

“New, more performant elements rendering
This feature enables a new experimental rendering pipeline which more optimally renders any elements you have on the page. It does so by precomputing a lot of the properties on the server beforehand, and shipping a static CSS file to the client to avoid repeated work.”

I enabled it yesterday and started getting very weird behavior on image scaling and RG, after disabling it everything wen’t back to normal.

just my 2 cents.

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Is that enabled on each RG in the app or in the app settings somewhere? I did not actively enable anything.

On App Level, inside Settings - Versions

Looks like they fixed the problem! My RGs are now showing correctly.

Did it fix on its own? Still getting problems on my side. @dhlewis

Still not working.

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