Repeating group dashboard tab bug

I am creating a dashboard using repeating groups for the sidebar, and “current page url” but one of my tabs just won’t show no matter what I do.
This is my setup:

For the dashboard RG:

for the display:

see previews below:



Then this is what happens when I click on Local,

this is the url that shows up:

it should be “local” instead of “settings”

They all share the same settings, but it won’t show up.

Has anyone else experienced this? or should I go about it in a different way?

Here’s the page setting for the tab it’s linked to:

Take screenshots for the actions that add the values to the path

Like in debug mode?

I mean the actions that you set in the workflow tap

Here it is

you might have made a typo in the conditions or workflow. The condition to show the element might not match the url path or the display of the option set

But I use the same settings and other pages of the dashboard works. Now here’s the interesting thing…if I change the text of one of the working dashboard tabs to “Local”(the buggy tab) the tab that was working won’t work anymore

Hey @itoroumoeka,

In my experience, Path only ever returns the page name - not the entire path. And yes, I would agree that it’s a bug, but it’s been that way since the feature was introduced.

However, there’s a simple work-around. Use Path segments as list instead. That returns the entire path as a list of texts. You can then reference each item in the list by index. It’s important to note, though, that the first item in that list will always be the Bubble page name.


Correction: It returns only the first path segment after the page name - not the page name itself. That said, using Path segments as list is still better, since it works as expected regardless of the number of path segments.

Interesting, I’ll try this way out. thanks

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