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Tab elements now showing when multiple groups in a page

Hi guys,

I have build a page with 4 tab groups in one page, Only the first group works when all have their data in already.

The page is here

  1. Any ideas what am I doing wrong? Why is the first one the only working one?
  2. How to I add a tab? Do I need to copy all items of a tap and paste again?
  3. unrelated, how can I rename a page?

I believe the issue is that you haven’t updated the referenced element of the tab. (Tabs can be tricky at first, but a good way to learn them is to dismantle and reassemble a group).

When you have multiple Tab Groups on a page, labeling is very important. For your own sanity, be sure to re-label your tab groups (and the buttons) from the defaults.

To get the tab to advance to the right one, be sure that you update the Element it references of the specific tab within that group. You will also need to ensure that the Set State references the correct Group.

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I was able to do it, what was a bit painful was adding the fourth TAB, Could not figure out how to setup their index., After trying many things I had to copy from one TAB group too another. All done thou.