Is it possible to scroll vertically and horizontally in a repeating group (for a list of things)

Hey all,

I’d like to create a repeating group, whereby I can scroll vertically, as well as horizontally. E.g. Vertically will display the list of ‘things’, and horizontally will display 20 + data points on that thing.

Alternatively, if we cannot have it scroll vertically and horizontally, is it possible to say display 50 rows, with search/pagination but still scroll horizontally?


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You should be able to make this work with a nested RG set to horizontal scroll.

you can make RG with Full List display and it will all list show but without any scrolling RG. It will automaticlly responsive in mobile as long inside group cell is responsive

Thanks @eli I’m returning to this today to hopefully get it sorted. Can you explain a little how you would set this up?

Hey @matthew2, you can check our free template

There are both scrolls implemented.

Hope it helps !

Regards EzCode Team !

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This is cool, can share where I would be able to get the free template to inspect and implement on our product?


Sure @matthew2


Regards EzCode Team !

Looks like you got it handled :wink:

Hi @eli - I’m exploring EzCode’s template, but this doesn’t actually solve my specific issue unfortunately so I’m hoping you might be able to elaborate on your solution a little?

What I’m trying to do:

Create a fixed list of things in a repeating group, say 25 or 50 items that on page scroll you can see the rest (don’t need scroll inside the RG). But, each row has about 20 data points I’d like to include, so need the user to be able to scroll the screen downwards, but also horizontally within the group.

When I select horizontal scroll, I only get 1 row, I have no way of expanding the rows to show 25/50 per page.

While eazycode’s solution does scroll vertically and horizontally, it only works horizontally for single row but multiple columns, I need multiple rows.

When you suggested nesting a RG, do you mean nesting a RG within another RG?


Hey @matthew2,

For this I would use the Extended scrolling option and in your data source, set it to ‘:items until 25’. Or whatever number you decide to go with. That will only load what visible on the screen until you scroll further.

Yes, exactly. It will depend a bit how your data is set up … (at this point I decided to just make a video :slight_smile: Sorry it’s so blurry )


Thank you for this @eli - I’ve just sent you a quick DM I hope you don’t mind, with a video in it - showing what we’d like to try and achieve.

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