Repeating group displaying data type fields

Is there a way to get a repeating group to show all the fields of a data type.
To explain better with an example, if you set an RG to type User, then within the cell of the user you can choose “Current cell’s user X” where X is:

  • 's First name
  • 's Last name
  • 's email

What I want to do is to set the RG to type “User” but then have an option for “Current cell’s field name”

I’m thinking this can’t be done but maybe someone has an idea?

To the best of my knowledge, the answer is still no (unless you want to “hack” something together with an option set, but I’m guessing that’s not what you are asking).


Thanks for the response. Yah, doing it with an option set is just as much work as the way I currently have it set up. I currently have it set up so that when I add a new field, I add a new button which represents that field. Doing it with an option set just replaces adding the new button with adding a new option set.
Thanks again.

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