Displaying Data from Repeating Group into Group

Hey Airdev Community

Hope you’re doing well, I’m trying to display a repeating group filled with data from people who submit a form, when they submit the form there is alot of inputs, and I’m trying to set up a page where if they click on thier information from the repeating group, it brings up another group that shows a breakdown of the form, and allows all of it’s inputs to be shown, and to be edited

Any Idea how to display the data from the repeating group and place it to be editable and viewable in the other groups input fields?


You can do this with the help of an pop up
Simply put all your inputs in an popup and the data type of your popup to be similar to repeating group datatype
and leave the data source of pop up to be empty now for each input set the initial content to be parent group datatype
Now when a user clicks on a cell of repeating group show the popup and display current cell data in the popup

Hey Jain!

Thank’s so much for the response, however I’m trying to do this without a popup, and just use the group pictured or potentially use a popup but have it display on the right hand side of the screen, however I don’t want it to appear in the middle of the screen

If I understand correctly you have a list of a datatype in a repeating group (RG) and when a user clicks on a certain item in the list, that item’s information needs to populate the form on the right. Correct?

If so, set the the datatype of the form container to be to the same datatype as the RG (let’s say property based on your form fields). Create a workflow on the RG cell so that when it is clicked you will display data (property) from that cell in the form container group. Then, for each form element you want to set the defaults to be inherited for the form container’s property. Does that make sense?

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