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Repeating group doesn't load until i rotate my phone

I´m using a repeating group but it doesn’t load any elements inside it until i rotate the iphone(s) where im doing the tests , does anyone have this problem also? any suggestions about how to fix it?

help very appreciated

Can you please share the project you are working with?

I’d suggest looking at your responsive editor, and making sure that you don’t have a ‘hide rule’ based on width. Make adjustments inside the responsive editor, and you will likely solve your problem.

Hey there.
Since you said iPhone, I assume you’re using Safari for this.

I faced this issue before, and there’s no fix for this, but a very acceptable workaround.
here’s the link:

i found that the solution, for this case, was to copy and paste with workflows the repeating group. and eliminate the previous one.

Ty for the help =)

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