Repeating group - dynamic height as percentage (%) issue


I am having issues with the Repeating Groups in the new responsive engine.

I want to create a feed where you get a notification from someone (similar to a messaging app). I want each notification card to have dynamic height (depending on the message length) but I want the height of the Repeating Group to stay constant as a percent % of a container.

When I tried setting it up, increase the number of notification cause an increase in repeating group height (and eventually expands out of control). How do I made the %height relative to the parent containter instead of the child?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ingridg,

If I understand correctly, putting the repeating group inside a regular group that’s set to scroll when content overflows should do the trick. It’s the containing group that should be set to the desired percent height. Maybe the following example will help.


Many thanks Steve!! Your setup seems to work - not sure what I am doing wrong but copy-pasting your Repeating Group setup seems to clear the issue.

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Hi, can you share that again. I clicked on your link and it goes to 404.