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When using the responsive engine, how do i set a repeating group to display as a full list

as title states, not sure how to display every entry in an RG at once when using the responsive engine. I don’t want a scrollbar, or the need to scroll in the RG .

Hi there, @nachodip97… check out this quick tip video from Bubble.

Hope this helps.


thanks, but the group the rg is located in isn’t growing . it remains the exact same height regardless of the height of the rg

What are the responsive settings of the group?

the container layout is Column

Share some screenshots of the group’s and repeating group’s responsive settings.

Could you show the appearance tab of your repeating group ?

I’m not sure if this is the issue, but the container type of the group’s parent is fixed. If you change that container type to something other than fixed, you should have the option to check a box on the group to fit height to content.

oh haha forgot to upload it. edited it into my previous message

All the other group parent options rearange every single element on my page. I don’t think it’s gonna work :confused: