Repeating group not being constrained to max height=100% of page

Hi, I have a very long repeating group, and I want to match its height to the height of the screen. Any extra height should become scrollable. How can I achieve this?

I tried setting the repeating group to “fit height to content”
Then I put the repeating group inside another group, and set that group to fixed height=100%.

But the repeating group is still much longer than the height of the page, and it’s not forcing vertical scroll. What am I doing wrong?

Canva’s sidebar is an example of what I’m trying to achieve.

Remember 100% means 100% of the parent container.

Try setting the fixed height of the RG to 100%. I’ll be honest I can’t work out responsive settings very well without trying it myself but a little bit of playing around usually gets me there.

That’s the opposite of what you want to do if you want the RG to scroll when its height is constrained. This response to a somewhat related question might be helpful.

I checked the previous post, and I was able to constrain it by setting fixed height of 600 pixels. But the problem is, there is a gap at the bottom if the display is taller than 600px. Is it possible to dynamically resize the repeating group to fit the height of the screen AND keep the scroll bars since the repeating group is very long?

Setting max height of parent containers to 100% doesn’t work. The highest level parent container has max height=inf, so all the child containers expand to infinite. None of them are actually constrained in terms of pixels.