Repeating group exceeding its parents groups max height and scrolling on "no scroll"

I’m new to this and am sure it’s a simple solution but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I have a repeating group that is making the size of one of its parent groups grow when the RG list exceeds the size of that group. It’s also allowing scrolling but they are both set to a fixed height and no vertical scrolling.

I fixed it by making the max height of the repeating group px instead of a %. I’m wondering how I can make the repeating group responsive.

In the video, I tried having the repeating group set to min-height 100 px and max 70%. It has a max of two rows and a condition to show 20 when a “text view less” is visible. When “view more” is clicked that text is hidden and “views less” is visible.

I’m also wondering if anyone knows how to add an opacity effect over the bottom half of the repeating group’s list. While still allowing the list item to be clickable.