How to make scrollable group when group height is longer than page height?

I have a group (Repeating Group) that is 2000px in height. I have an index page that is 680px in height.

How do I make it so that the user can scroll all the way to the bottom to see the 2000px worth of content?

I’m thinking of a dating app like Hinge as an example. Not infinite scroll.

Anyone? I’ve not been able to find a solution or resource. Whenever I set the index height to be 680px, it cuts off the rest of the group, which is fine, but it doesn’t let me scroll down to the rest of the content below 680px.

You can either set the repeating group’s layout to “vertical scroll” so that you only show a certain number of rows at a time and the scrolling is contained within the RG. The height can be tall enough to just show however many rows you want to see at once - I wouldn’t recommend 2,000 px worth of rows… unless you have a super great reason. I’d keep it within the page height.

OR, you can set the layout to “full list” which will display all items in the list no matter what. You can design the RG to 1 row only, but with “full list” it’ll still show all necessary rows. This way you can keep the element smaller and it won’t go beyond the height of the actual page.

Overall, you should design it so that your page height contains your elements and not have elements that go beyond that height. The repeating group, if set to full list and has a big long list, will expand the height of the page for you dynamically.

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In my case, I don’t have a RG but instead i have a normal group where i have many inputs so page hight is more than 900, when my index page is 680px, after changing the size of that group it doesn’t display the whole page and its cut

You should make the page height as tall as it needs to be to fit all of your groups. Then, set all of your groups to “collapse height when hidden” so that when they are not visible, they collapse down and the page will respond accordingly.


I hope you realize that this doesn’t work.