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Repeating group fails to update after a time

Hello Bubblers,

I have a repeating group on a page that references data which is frequently updating. It works just fine, and as the data in the repeating group’s sources changes, the display of the RG changes. But it seems that after a time, the group stops checking for new data.

Outside of a user logout, is there anything that would prevent the repeating group to continually update as data in the background changes?

Seems like if I leave the page for a while, the repeating group eventually fails to update with new data and the page simply needs to be refreshed. While I can refresh the page, I’m worried the user will not know this needs to happen and just assume no new data exists.

Appreciate any feedback.

Hi! :wave:

What you can try is to run a workflow every 5 seconds to “Display data” in this particular repeating group. As this workflow will run indefinitely, you will have your repeating group updated every 5 seconds…

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