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Repeating group filter -unique by sub-elements?

Say i create a RG , and i want to remove duplicates based on sub elements , for example:
I have am a company receiving job application for jobs i listed. I want to create a RG of applications from different applicant. each repeating application holds a field - type user, and i would not like to see 2 applications from the same user in my view.
How is that achievable? i tried exploring unique elements but it is not suitable because it compares the specific data and not sub elements.



In your repeating group data source; at the end add the option :unique elements. I believe that is what you are looking for.


Hey joseph thanks for the answer but that is not what i was aiming for. I have a an object of type A holding a type user, i want to remove duplicate objects of type A that hold the same object of type user.
So unique objects will not work here…

I’d fiddle around with :group by. I’m not sure how, though. Have you tried that route?

I have it did not work… any saviours?

Hey there @lankri.erez . Adding onto this. The :group by does work in my testing but is meant for more numbers instead of displaying text. Another option I can give you is have RG1 display text (not your data type) and do a search for the data type’s user :unique elements. This will display a list of text, being users. Then you can make another repeating group inside of this one and a search for applications with the constraint of user = current cells text and only display first item.

Maybe something like that will work for you?