Airtable - Is there a better way to refresh the repeating group than this workaround?

since I struggled to get the Airtable API and the refresh to work (the API by Taiheta). I’m using the API provided by bubble , and since it has no update function, I came up with a workaround - by triggering a “Modify an Airtable record”. By overwriting the 1st entry with its own value, oddly enough, this reloads the data from Airtable.

When I edit the Airtable, and trigger this in bubble, the repeating group reloads the data, and the edit shows up. Is there a more elegant way to call a refresh? Otherwise I keep this for now.


Is there any reason you’re not using the native Bubble-created Airtable Plugin? It’s pretty robust, on v2.

I’m using the native plugin in. And it works, but I can’t figure out to trigger a refresh with it.

As is, when I edit the table in Airtable, or it receives data from elsewhere, I have to force a refresh within bubble using workaround to see the change. I haven’t been able to find a way that Airtable pushes an update to bubble.

This workaround avoids that I have to reload the page to get the refresh.

However, that is why I asked, to see if there is a better solution.


Sorry, saw something that made it seem like you were using another plugin (API Taiheta).

There’s no persistent connection between the two that I’m aware of. Maybe you set up a simple “caching” routine that checks a timestamp and updates the RG every X timeframe using a backend workflow or something?

No worries.

That’s a thought. Thank you.

I also think you might be able to do something with Zapier (or other similar service) but I’ve not dug into those options too much.

It’s possible. I just stumbled across this solution: