Repeating group for all user data

Can some one please help?

Is it possible to display all the user names and email address in repeating group? Thanks

Yes, it is.

hey @cocomongol4

Set fixed number of rows uncheck and according to set current cell row min height,
Set fixed number of column uncheck and according to set current cell row min width,
Show all items immediately check.

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Thanks @Trynocode

I have don’t this but not able to find parent group in the text element

You would only use parent if there is a group inside the repeating group that is holding the elements. In your case, just look for Current cell's User.

Also, you will need to make sure the privacy rules on the User data type don’t get in the way of the search. If you have the default privacy rule in place, you will not get the desired result of all users showing up in the repeating group.

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