Beginner's Doubt - ## solved, thank you##

How do I display all users from my users table on my page?
I tried to choose a repeating group of type user and a search for user, I put a text in the repeating group pulling current cells users , but it didn’t work.
This way it only displays the
current user but what I need is to display all users.
Thanks for listening

Can you post a screenshot of what you did? It will be easier for us to help you if you can show us your work so far. I’m sure it’s an easy fix.

You can really solve this with some easy research.

You need to either display the User’s name, or the user’s email.

Also, you need to have signed up users in your data.

The expression on text will be ‘Current Cell’s User’s email’.

Hi there, @mayara.sacboticario… your issue is very likely related to privacy rules, specifically this. So, check out that link and see if it helps.


Hello friend, thank you very much, it solved my problem…This one at least, haha,.
Helped me a lot!

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