Repeating group for data entry

Hi I am trying to have a RG that has various inputs for the user to put in data per item. However, it seems like RG’s only show data and lists and whenever I try to preview the RG the version test wont show anything within the repeating group unless it is pulled from a data source. Does anyone have any ideas on how to workaround this?

Hi there, @anon31591471… a similar question was asked a few days ago… give this thread a look.


Thank you @mikeloc,

I checked out that thread but I think he had a different issue than me, I am trying to use the RG as a data collection where the user inputs data about various things and then I add them to the DB, so there is no data needed to be displayed just inputs and text. When I see it in the preview though the repeating group is empty and the user is unable to see anything within the RG

The example in that thread literally does what you are describing. Did you look at the editor and actually try it yourself?

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Sorry I misinterpreted it @mikeloc, thank you for your help I really appreciate it!

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