Repeating Group from another app?

Hello all,

I have 2 live apps on different plans - App B is a clone of App A but has added fiunctionality.

Is it possible to display a repeating group of info from App A in App B such as ‘and here’s what’s happening in App A’?

If so, what’s the EASIEST way please?

Thank you!

Maybe look into the App Connector plugin made by Bubble? It connects two apps together and you can refer to data between them

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Good shout, thank you.

It appears to be what I need. If I generate an API token, it won’t replace any existing ones, will it? Or cause any other potential issues?

Yes, I’m fudging my way through this :smiley:

When you make a new API key it just adds a new one, then you can name it like “Other bubble app” or something so you know what it is for. You would do this on both apps and put each others’ keys in the plugin

Perfect, thank you @tylerboodman !

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Or… I suppose if you only need to grab data one way like from App A to B you only need to make the key in App A. Check documentation on that :laughing: Bubble App Connector - Bubble Docs

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