Display results from a SQL Query in Repeating Group

I am a newbie but have a simple question… I am using the SQL Query plugin to connect to my azure database. I have a query that basically does a

Select top 200 task from dbo.Tasks
where user = @CreatedBy
and active = 1

I have tried and tried to get my repeating group to display the results but it always is blank… The text element in the first cell is: CurrentCell’s TaskGet’s Task… the query is TaskGet by the way…

The repeating group is called TaskGet and the type of content is set at TaskGet and the datasource is set at TaskGet…

I have no errors but when I run it the table is blank… Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

Oh also, on the datasource setup, the API Provider is TaskGet and the CreatedBy is the CurrentUsers Unique id… I am storing the current users unique id in the database.

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I have just discovered that the parameter seems to be the issue because if I take out the where clause out of the query it does return the data…

However, I will need to be able to pull the individuals data and not the entire set so I will need the where clause, so what am I doing wrong…?

Check if you use a proper parameter naming syntax for MS SQL server.

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