Repeating Group not displaying data by default

Hi I hope you are all well. I am a beginner to bubble and is having trouble displaying data in a repeating group. I have attached some pictures below and would really appreciate anyone who is able to debug this.
Basically my aim is to filter out results by searching for anything which contains the value I input at the top of the Repeating Group, I am under the assumption that by default the data should appear, however it only appears when I input something inside the filter.
So why is the data not displaying
I have looked at other similar forums, but I could not find the solution.
Thank you for your time.


Hi there are lot of thing i found best suits with my feature was
adding a deafult checkbox for show all records at once.
and the do the filter part.

here are 2 images you can go through it.

i hope it will help you.

Hey there :wave:

Or as an alternative:

  1. In the source, by default, show all of the data. No filtering out the data.

  2. Then use a conditional to filter the data when the input is not empty.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you all for your solutions. I have tried J805’s solution and it works perfectly. Another question has arisen from this fact. Now that all the data shows, as soon as I type something in all my data disappears, is there anyway where I can continue to show the data whilst the user is typing something in the search feature?

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