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Repeating group goes blank after using search

I am using a search bar for users to search for a list of users and a repeating group to display those users. The problem is that sometimes the repeating group goes blank after searching some terms in the search box.

How the search works - The repeating group has a conditional to change its data source to Search & autocorrect plugin’s matches which matches the terms entered in the search input with a few fields in the user data type.

Since the problem isn’t consistent and happens randomly, I think that the issue is either with optimization of search process (in my hand) or a bug in Bubble editor/plugin.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m stuck in this problem and didn’t find anything anywhere.

Hi, does someone know how to solve the issue? It is extremely urgent as I have client demos daily. I have checked zeroqode documentation and the setup is correct. I’m also attaching a screenshot of the debugger when this issue occurs.

Will be grateful for help!
Tagging Zeroqode team and bubble gurus!
@ZeroqodeSupport @levon @NigelG @ankur1 @boston85719

sorry I’ve never used that plugin. Might want to reach out via email to zeroqode support

Thanks have reached out to them.

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