Search and repeating group issue

Hello Everyone

I have a few issues with my app, but I’ll start off with this question and create a new thread for the other one later.

I’m having an issue with repeating groups and the Bubble search.

1.) The repeating group displays data before anything is searched(in live preview)

2.) Running right from the app nothing shows up in the repeating group before or after the search.


Hey @ohyouknow1987 :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the live app to test? Or some screenshots of the workflow you have set up?

If you’d like to the repeating group to not be visible until anything is searched, you could set it to not be visible on page load. Then in the ‘search’ button workflow, you can have the first action display the correct search in the repeating group using ‘Display Data’, and then set the second action ‘Show’ the repeating group.


Thank you for the reply! Below is a screenshot of the workflow

I find it odd that it works when I do it via preview but not in live mode.

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No problem! :slight_smile: And ah! Just double-checking if you pushed the new changes to live since updating the workflows? That may be why it’s behaving differently in live mode.

Hey @fayewatson I do have the changes published, just double checked, and for some reason still seeing different results.


No problem! :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the app editor? You can temporarily make this read only by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights (Everyone can view).

Hi @fayewatson

Sorry for the delay, been kind of hectic. I’ll get this done in the next day or so.

Thank you!

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@fayewatson here is the link to the App. Just let me know when you’ve poked around so I can change it back.


No problem! :slight_smile: It looks like there isn’t any workflow connected to the search button?

In the app, are you trying to allow a User to type in one of their dog’s names (or a dog’s name) and display dogs with that name in the repeating group?

Hi @fayewatson

I believe that is from the test page I created when I couldn’t get the first one to work. The main workflow is under “customer_status_page” and looks like this:


Ah, got it! :slight_smile: I checked the dev and live versions of the page, and it looks like the dev changes haven’t been pushed to live yet. You can view this by going to the dropdown on the top-right and switching from ‘development’ to ‘live’:

Then the UI and the workflows for the current live version will be shown - below is the workflow for the search button:

And the repeating group is visible at all times because it is set to ‘visible on page load’:

Pushing the changes from dev to live will make it so that the dev version setup/workflows are live :slight_smile:

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