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Repeating Group in a Group

Hey Bubble Folks!

I have a Repeating Group (Type of Content:Users) that is In a Group (Type of Content:Meetings) On a Page (Type of Content:User)

I’d like to hit a button that lives in the Repeating Group, with the following action:
-When button add is clicked. Make Changes to a Thing
-To Change: Current Parent Object (The Group) Meeting.
-Change Value: Doctors (List of Things) Add Current Cell’s User.

I think this might be a feature request. Since I have the ability to change what is in the cell and on page, but not at that group level when there is a repeating group.

Simply, When a button in in a repeating group, I can only change the Thing in the Cell or the thing on the page.

But there also might be another way of doing this.

Ok, so you have a page with an associated thing.
With a Group with an associated thing
And a Repeating Group with another set of things…

If I do this I can access all of this on “Makes Changes To A Thing” button.

Here it is … Group Order. Order is the things associated to the Group.

Are you not seeing this option ? Or is it saying it is a not allowed ?

For s&g I put a Repeating Group in A Group in Repeating Group in a Group. And can still reference everything. I wonder what you are doing differently ?

It’s there…Figured it out last night.
What was I doing wrong? I wasn’t paying enough attention… haha

Since it wasn’t highlighted in top spot, I didn’t think it was available, but then when I actually looked, it was all there… I’m slow sometimes.

Thanks Nigel!

I know what you mean, things always appear magically for me too :smile:

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