Send thing to group from repeating list

Hi… have a repeating group with “Entries” in each row. The row has a text field with the name of the project in the entry, and som other stuff. I want the user to be able to click the entry they want, and have a group appear over teh whole list (I can do this, no problem) but I want that group type to be the “Entry” and so everything that is referenced in the group belongs to the data for the tone entry selected from the repeating group.

so for the group, I imagine:

Type of content is “Entry”
but its the data source where I get messed up.

It seems that the items in the group can referee “Groups Entry” and be OK. I just dont know how to send the specific entry to the group from the repeating list.

Hello. This can be pretty frustrating, so I get it. It’s a pretty simple fix. Here’s how to structure it.

In your repeating group, you have a button, icon or whatever it is that initiate the action to show your new group that displays data for the entry. Let’s call it “Show Details”.

If you look at the settings for your group, that group can have a data type. Set it to the same data type. In this case, it’s a sales lead.

For example, if your repeating group is a list of Sales Leads you will set the data type of the group to Lead.

In your workflow on the button that shows the group, you will use the “element action” under GROUP that says “display data”. The element that displays the data is your new group that shows the data for the Customer entry in your repeating group. The Data to Display is the “Current Cell’s Lead”.

In your customer display group, you will have your text fields that display data for the thing (lead). Their data source will be “Parent Group’s lead”.

This way, each time the user clicks the button to display the data in the repeating group’s entry, the group will populate with the cell’s data.

Video version of this:

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Thank you…they key was “display data in group/popup”

Glad to be of help.