Repeating Group Interesting Style - Possible?

Hey check out this repeating group on AirBnb. Is something like this possible with Bubble? For every new date there is a Header date in bold. Thanks everyone!

Yes, and it is quite simples.

You will need a RG showing the events grouped by Date.

And inside this RG, another RG, showing the events where the Date is equal to the parent RG cells Date.


Thanks man! I’ll give it a shot in the next few days :+1:

If you dont want to redo your RG there’s an alternative method that i use.

In the element that’s showing the date just do add a conditional that will check if it’s date is the same as the date in the previous cell. If it matches with the previous cell then don’t make it visible.

You can do something like this:

‘[this date]:formatted as yymmdd’ is ‘[date of this cell index-1]:formatted as yymmdd’

Element is visible [unchecked]

You won’t need to chage your current RG setup.

Thanks for the advice. Question: In the conditionals. I have it set up “when current cell date is” but I don’t see a previous cell option. I only see current cell options.

Whoops sorry. For that what u need to do is add

Repeating group (this RG) list of items :item#arbitrary text (inside the arbitrary text is ‘current cell index -1’) :converted to number :date :formatted as yymmdd

Sorry if it’s a bit confusing I’m on mobile right now

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