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Repeating group is flickering when sorting child data type


When i’m doing a nested sorting on the repeating group, its flickering and not working.

It’s happening with all the nested datas that i want to sort by with my dropdown menu. The sorting is only working when it’s not a nested datatype.

What am i doing wrong?

Sort by dynamic field should just be one item and not a list. Can you try adding first item in there?

It only gives me the option of a list.

List of Type appartements :first item

add it to the end after selecting the list

Tried that aswell, but still the same problem

This is from the Bubble Doc’s. I think whatever that “This RepeatingGroup’s List of Type appartements:first item’s levertijd’s dagen” equates to needs to be a String or Text that is the name of one of the fields for that Data Type. Is that true.

Dynamic field name

If you want the search to be sorted according to a field chosen by the user, define an expression to define which field the search should use. For instance, the expression you design here should evaluate to ‘Created Date’ or some other fields you have defined in your type (it should match the displayed name of the field).

This is the data of the repeatinggroup appartement, where the data of levertijd can be found:

and here is the datatype levertijd:

Which is just a simple number.

I think dynamic field range isn’t the right option then. I just want to sort the repeating group by the nested datatype from high to low. But when i simply want to sort, i can’t reach that nested data source.

Try this:

Do a search for Type appartement: group by levertijd (add an aggregation that is sum and then choose “dagen”) :sorted by sum of dagen (descending = “yes”)

I came untill this far:

Yea I’m thinking the way you have your data set up now makes it a little difficult if not impossible with the way Bubble allows sorting repeating groups.

Ah shit, so more a database structure problem?

Well it probably wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t using bubble but maybe just look over all your data types and determine if some can just be turned into fields on other data types or if the connections can be altered to more easily referenced. Also it is a good idea to use Option Sets if you have some things that never change but need to be assigned to a data type.

There is no workaround? because when a product has a business with a rating, the customers should sort by the rating of the company too. As it looks right now, each product needs a rating of a company instead of just simpily revering to the company, which will result in a lot of unnecessary data…

You could do a repeating group of Levertijd: sorted by dagen. Then in the cell of that repeating group, add a repeating group that does a search for appartements where lertijd = current cell’s levertijd. That would most definitley work.