Repeating Group is not retriving all the info

Hello guys

So i m pretty new to bubble. So i created in my database two user data types with relative fields as: - Name. You can see in the pic “Database” + “Name info”

Now my problem is that I m structured the repeating group with the text inside with the aim of retriving the two names (Liana + Gianluca) from the database.
I don’t understand why the repeating group is retriving only Liana as the name and is not bringing back also Gianluca - you can see in the “debug results”.

Can you guys help me out? I add all the picture that may help

Check your privacy rules…

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The privacy rules are the same for both. So don t understand why one name is given and the other is not

If you are doing a simple search for users and you are not seeing what you are expecting to see, Adam is right in that it is almost certainly related to privacy rules, and very likely the default privacy rule on the User data type. So, that is probably the issue, and if you check out that link, you should have a better understanding of what’s going on.

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You guys are gold, I checked it and now it works!


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