Repeating group is not updating in real time

I am searching for messages that include the current user unique ID; however, whenever a new message is added, the repeating group doesn’t show the new message unless I refresh the page. What’s the solution? I think there should be an option of refreshing the repeating group instead of a page.


Normally that is native in Bubble. The RG will always show the latest items. It might take a second to update.

I’m assuming you’re creating something and waiting for it to show. Your RG’s search has a couple of conditions. Are you sure the new item you’re creating meet these criteria? Maybe it’s not showing because it doesn’t meet the criteria?

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Hi Rico, thank you for taking a look. I explained in the picture below to better clarify:

When the page is loaded, it pulled all the messages which have ChatID linked to the current user (i.e.1245, 1278). RG group update the messages in real-time when a new message is created under the chatID 1245, 1278. However, when the current user is on the page, and a new Chatid is created 1299, and a message is created under the 1299 Chatid, it doesn’t show it in the RG unless I refresh it.

I’m caffeinated now. The first search criteria just popped out at me - can that ever be true? ChatID seems to be a number you create. unique ID is Bubble’s auto-generated ID. Can those ever match?

No, Chatid is created by the system itself which I assigned to each message. See picture:


Ah, ok. So ChatID is some 4-digits of the Chat’s unique ID.

I’m not being very helpful. Let me think out loud: what would I do if I were in your shoes?

  • Fuss around in the Data tab, load the page:
    • remove an item. Does it disappear?
    • modify an item so that it should disappear. Does it? Modify it again so it would show. Does it?
    • … create.
  • Scroll the RG after you create the item. Maybe the RG is displaying the latest item, but it’s not in view?
  • Try a different layout style for the RG?

Can you please reload the page with the opened network tab? After the source is loaded, capture a screenshot and attach it here please.

I recheck everything. There is a bug if I use ‘Any Field’ condition then it doesn’t update in realtime unless I refresh it.

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