Repeating group not updating in real time. Bug?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a message repeating group that search for all message with a constraint to its respective conversation.

However, I realise a very weird issue where this message repeating group is not updated in real time when a new message data came in.

If you look at the screenshot above, I had this message “new message sent” added into the database but it wasn’t showing up in the repeating group until I refresh. All other repeating group is working fine in updating live however. Is there any reason to that? Thanks.

What’s with your page URL?

It just refers to a path segment which gives a Conversation data unique ID

Just did another simple test, basically repeating group will not update in real time as soon as there are constraint in it.

Anyone got any idea on this?

The RG search structure seems to be fine so I’m guessing it’s due to this issue:

I never know this was a thing, I think this is a bug

I did the same test as you. It is working for me.

I’m experiencing this behavior not only with RGs but also with controls in a page. I had to add a text outside the RG in the group and paint it white so the RG could refresh automatically. I’m receiving a long list via an API and that wasn’t showing. This was happening with some frequency, and it seems fixed when I upgraded the app. But then again, it’s starting to happen again. My entire app experience rely on this ability to retrieve and display data automatically, and this worries me a lot.

Same problem here on one of my RG …

I’ve found that updating an existing “thing” will actually update it in the RG - but adding a new “thing” won’t show up until page refresh - also applies only if there is a constraint

Never had that before