Repeating Group issues

I am currently working on creating a repeating group that displays different information in every row. I have looked around the forms but can’t find an answer that works. I tried a list with Regex and that didn’t work it actually did not show any content I have upload a few pictures for everyone to reference I appreciate

any help I can get.

@sterlinga25 Check against database for ‘All CFSs’ to see if you have multiple entries with unique values. Each Current cell’s thing is an individual database entry.

@neerja excuse me for my lack of knowledge but how should I go about doing that.

Here’s the best video available to get you going, How to Video: Repeating Group (RG), Selecting an Item, and Showing it or Operating on it in a Popup / Pop-up

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Thanks I was able to figure it out. I changed the textbox from search for to current cell which worked.

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Glad to hear it!

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