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Showcasing a particular row from a repeating group

Hey Guys. I have a repeating group that showcases a list of locations for a user.

If the user clicks on a particular row, I would like for that row data to be displayed in another new repeating group which would have only 1 row.

Do you think this is possible ? I’d love some inputs on how people in this community would tackle such an issue.

Yes, it’s simple (although if it only has one row why does it need to be a repeating group? - I’d just use a regular group instead).

In any case, all you need to do is make sure the second group has the same content type as the repeating group then, when something inside the repeating group cell is clicked, run a workflow to ‘Display Data’ in the second group, that data being the current cell’s thing.

Hi Adam, thank you so much for taking your time to respond to my issue.

It’s a repeating group because the type of content is a list.

The above-mentioned solution isn’t working for repeating groups since the display list action keeps throwing errors.

Can you help me with this?

I did find a workaround for this but I was hoping you could suggest a better solution.

I’ve created a new type called LocationID, I’m deleting this and creating a new ID that matches the current cell’s unique ID and then displaying this data. pls check below

What kind of content are you trying to show in the second RG? (i.e. what is it’s content type?)

Content-type is a list, it has multiple text fields and a number field. (e.g Business Name, address, phone number, website, etc)

You’ve misunderstood - content-type needs to be a ‘type’ of content (either a standard content type, like text, number, date, etc. or a custom datatype from your database).

Whatever the content-type of your second RG is, you must ‘send’ data of that same type through your workflow with a ‘display list’ action.

From your original screencast video above it’s hard to tell what data you’re trying to send to the second RG, but clearly it’s not the ‘type’ that the RG is expecting.

Without knowing more about what you’re trying to do, or how your data is set up, it’s difficult to give any accurate guidance…

But, seeing as you’re using a second RG to display a list of data, I’m guessing that that list is either a ‘list’ field on RG1’s content type, or is a list of data connected to RG1s content type through a field on that datatype.

In the first instance, you can use Current Cell’s ‘List Field’ (where the list field is the content-type the second RG is set up to show) as the data to send through the ‘Display List’ action.

In the second instance then you’ll need to do a search for datatype2s, where that thing’s datatype 1 = current cells thing.

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Hey Adam,

Sorry for being so vague earlier. I will try to be as precise as possible here.

I have 2 repeating groups both have the same information, literally.

One of the RG shows all the rows which have information stored in them.

The other RG will act as a header. That is when the RG with all the rows is displayed, the user can select the row of his choice and I would like that particular row’s information to be displayed on the RG that is acting as the header.

I hope I’ve clarified the whole thing. Regarding the content type, as you can see in the screenshots, they’re exactly the same.

Thank you.

Right, ok… So I don’t understand why you’re using a repeating group at all here if you’re only showing a single item in it? Although you can use a repeating group to display just one item, RGs are generally used for displaying lists of things, so is not really what you want here…

So, the simplest thing to do now is just convert your top RG (the “header”) into a regular group, then follow the steps I outlined above to display the appropriate data in it (i.e. use ‘Display Data’ as workflow action to display the current cell’s ‘Location Details’).

If you insist on using a second RG, then you’ll need to do the same thing but convert the single item into a list, in order to be able to display it in the RG (using the ‘converted to list’ modifier), but that seems a bit pointless, seeing as it’s not a list that you’re displaying.