Repeating Group - List items

Hi all,

I’m confused - please help on that rainy friday.

I’ve installed “Frames” (for better responsive designing - Frames ― A modular design system for Bubble) .

I’ve placed a reating group to my form and want to display my products.
No chance to do that but why?
I get always the message… this is a list - use the :firstItem…

If I place a “normal” (bubble) RG then it will work correct.

Any ideas?


What else would you be. placing?

That’s because you’re trying to set the data source of a group, not a repeating group.

Oh… okay.
It seems that I have to change the element(s) so that a repeating group is in there?!
Very strange .- I assumed that the pre-build elements from the FRAMES-Plugin are designed to work out of the box…

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