Is there a way to make repeating groups load content faster?

Hi there,

I am building a single page app and I have a repeating group that displays a list of active users - however if have noticed that it usually takes a few second to load this list and I only have 5 active users in the database.

Is there something I can do to make it load the content a bit faster?

Thank you

Much of this has to do with the data it is pulling in. You have it running a search, try to minimize filtering. Instead try to be very specific in your search values.

Filtering will mean that it downloads all users before displaying the data.


  • complexity of search
  • constraints
  • Bubble plan you have

Which plan do you have?

I am currently developing on the hobby plan.

There might have something to do with that. Might be worthwhile to use the boost to see how it behaves.