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Tips and hints for faster database queries

Is there anyone who can shed light on reducing query response time? I have many repeating groups in my app that take between 10 and 60 seconds to load. I imagine it is due to there being filters on the searches, but that begs the question: why even allow me, a Bubble dev, to build a query that is going to take 60 seconds to load? That makes no sense, seeing as visitors to my app will never wait 10 seconds, let alone 60, to load a UI view.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

There is a thread here that may help;

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Just thought I’d quickly jump in here

Be-wary of the huge amount of searches/:filtered actions you do! This was the biggest killer for me. I’m actually in the process of rebuilding that page (in the thread DaveA linked) to reduce the number of repeating groups from 24 down to 8 - while I’m expecting this to speed it up, at the end of the day its a crazy amount of data that’s being loaded and I can’t expect it to be instant.

Also, in terms of loading the page (which takes about 15 seconds in my app), a loading screen makes all the difference. I’m also going to implement a loading popup when the user changes the data search, it makes a huge difference to the user even if it doesn’t improve the load time at all.

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just a quick tip

Usually, all my repeating groups have Data source - empty. When i need to show some data, usually i use an action.
For example if i want to show a list of cars, then i have the search button which on click will display a list in that particular repeating group.


Trying this out tonight! I have 90+ hidden groups, all with queries. No wonder Chrome crashes at 1.2GB memory usage.

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If the search in the data source gets complicated, or a lot of filtering is needed, another way of managing it is the conditional tab to have a different data source.

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