Repeating group loading too many elements when min row height is 0

I’m trying to set up a repeating group that does NOT display the first element. I have partly achieved this by including a condition (“when current cell’s index is 1” the element is not visible).

However, the first row is still visible (albeit empty) if the repeating group’s min height of row is more than 0. But when the min height of row is 0 or only a small number of pixels, Bubble tries to load almost ALL the elements upon page load which slows the page down significantly.

If I set the min row height to 100+ px, Bubble loads only a few elements on page load and thereafter loads batches of elements as the user scrolls - which is the behaviour I want.

Is there any way of making the first element truly invisible while still maintaining performance-friendly loading? Thanks!

Just make the data source your current data source:items from #2? Not really sure what you’re trying to do here, if you’re trying to make column headers it’s as simple as a group that’s visible only when Current cell’s index is 1 and collapse when hidden is checked.

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That worked! Didn’t know about the :items from # feature - thank you!