Repeating group hides if no value

hi there,
am having troubles showing repeating groups within a repeating group. Once there is no value for a certain column, the repeating group beneath it is pushed up:
to make it easy to understand I put the values that should be in line, in a red box. You see that the row above has no values for the columns that are moved up.

I know that in a group I can check or uncheck this if a group is hidden:
I need something like this, where I can say, keep this space available for the repeating group that doesn’t have values. Somebody has any suggestions?


Great question -

Repeating group’s automatically collapse their height and show nothing if no data is returned from the data source. You should be able to achieve your intended behavior by putting each repeating group into a “container” group that has a fixed height. That way, even if the repeating group doesn’t have data and hides, its parent group maintains the fixed height and occupies space.

I hope that helps!

Hi @sam.morgan thanks for your answer!
It got it working, but only by setting the layout style to ‘Fixed number of cells’

I didn’t see an option to say: ‘Fix height’

This is a good approach also! The approach I was recommending involved nesting each repeating group inside of a regular group element and setting the fixed height option on that regular group element.

But it seems like you’ve figured out an approach that works for your use case as well! There are a lot of different ways to achieve the same result in Bubble :slight_smile: