Repeating group multiple data source

I’m very new to Bubble…!

I’m trying to figure out how to create a repeating group with multiple data table sources.

So I have a PLACES table, a SECTIONS table and a ITEMS table.
I store an item into a section, and a section is in a specific place.

I want to display in a repeating group the count of ITEMS that is contained in a PLACE, regardless of the SECTIONS in which the items are.

How can I do that kind of link?

I’m not quite sure I get what you’re describing, but I think you probably have your database set up in one of two ways:

A) The upper level includes the lower level. In other words, you have a field on PLACES that is something like LIST OF LINKED SECTIONS. And then on SECTIONS, you have a field like LIST OF LINKED ITEMS. In that case, your repeating group data source would probably be something like “this PLACE’s LIST OF LINKED SECTIONS each section’s LIST OF LINKED ITEMS”. Then you’d probably want to sort the items in some way, but I think that would get you all the ITEMS that branch off from a particular PLACE.

or B) the lower level includes the upper level. This would be if the ITEMS thing has a field like LINKED SECTION, and the SECTION thing has a field like LINKED PLACE. In that case, your repeating group data source would probably be something like “do a search for ITEMS” with an “advanced” condition (scroll all the way down in the search condition window) like “this ITEM’s SECTION’s LINKED PLACE is [dropdown’s PLACE or however you’re choosing the place you want]”.

I hope that one of those two possibilities is how you set it up and that it helps you set up your repeating group!

Ugh, though actually for option B, I forgot that the “advanced” way of searching is actually only available in the “filter” operation. You can still basically do that, though. You’d do a “search for ITEMS”, then apply a filter with the “advanced” criteria that I mentioned before. This might be the slower way to set it up, though, so option A is probably the better data set up if you’re still starting out.

I’m not an expert on the searching and filtering processes, though, so hopefully someone smarter than me weighs in too!

Thanks @mike.settele !
Yes, my actual setup is like you described option B.

I’ll try to figure it out with what you suggested.