Using a repeating group to show the current users content and other users content

I have a social media website I am building called Sports Podium and it is a site that allows people to debate and talk about Pittsburgh High School Sports (for now) through a social media structure where you can post your hot topic and people can reply to start a conversation. I am having trouble with figuring out what I am suppose to insert into the dynamic data piece when it comes to the 2 repeating groups I have made. I made a repeating group to see a current users content (their social media posts) and another to see another users or other accounts content (other users social media posts). If anyone knows what to insert for the repeating groups, please help me.

Sports Podium

It depends on how your database is set up, but it should be as simple as doing exactly what you’ve already said…

i.e. to show the user’s own posts, just do a search for posts created by the current user
And to show other users posts do a search for posts not created by the current user.

Make sure you don’t have any privacy rules applied that would stop users being able to see the posts (unless you want that to be the case).

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Thank you! I never thought about the simplicity of an “is” and “is not” command. But to be more specific, is there any way you can show me the step by step of those commands, because there is so many similar combinations of what you can insert.

Sports Podium

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You’re the best, Adam! my last question is referring to how I can organize the posts. I have an understanding on how to organize by the modified date and to show it as descending, but my feed shows the same posts under every line in the repeating group, multiple times. I will send a picture.

As you can see, I have posted two things that say “basketball” and “hi” . I want to be able to have only “basketball” at the top because that is the last thing I posted, and only “hi” on the bottom because that is the first thing I posted.

It looks like your setting your text element dynamic data incorrectly inside the RG cell…

I’m guessing you’re doing a search for posts inside the cell (which is wrong),

Without knowing more about what you’re currently doing I can’t really give any specific help, so feel free to post some screenshots of your current setup…

But basically, you just want to refer to the current cell’s data inside each cell (don’t do a search for the data again, or you’ll end up getting ALL the data displayed inside every cell, which is what you appear to be doing at the moment).

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