Sorting a Repeating Group by Users in List

I have a repeating group of things. Each thing has a list of users who have favorited that thing.

How can I sort the repeating group based on the number of users who have favorited it?

When I attempt to use :sorted by “favorite”, it doesn’t do anything… I believe since “favorite” is a list of users.

How do I sort by favorite:count ?

Any suggestions on sorting a repeating group according to the number of users in a list? I have tried the following two methods with no success.

I maintain a field to sort by, so a votecount.

“Dynamic sort field” isn’t what it sounds like really. It is more about having the user choose a field to sort by, rather than generating some sort of compound sort key.

Hi there, I’m trying to do exactly this, letting the user choose a field to sort by, for that I created a dropdown with static values that are the names of the fields that the user can choose in order to sort. But then on the “search for” panel where I can define the Dynamic field, how do I match the selection of the user that is a static choice to the field I want to use to actually sort by? Thanks

Ok solved. Just had to write the static values the same as the name of the fields I wanted to use for the sort.

Hi! Any body found out how to sort a repeating group by listname:count? Example: sort by usersthatvoted:count

bump, need help on this same issue