Trouble displaying API list data

By all accounts I expect this page to work as it is set up:

But I’m getting the error: Data source cannot refer to the same element.

AFAIK it’s not. I’m seriously confused.

Can you share a link to your editor? The above page loads for me, but I’m guessing there’s supposed to be a repeating group there that isn’t loading. If you share your editor link, we can take a look at it and see what’s going on.

Sorry, meant to:

Looks like your app is set to private. We’re getting closer! Can you go into settings and make it public?

Wow, I’m all backwards. Updated.

Hmm, still not letting me see it for some reason. It redirects me to my own Bubble dashboard, which is usually the behavior I see when an app is set to Private.

Can you tell me what the data source for the repeating group is? Maybe a screenshot?

Are you 100% sure @potentialthings ? I loaded it in a browser that has no bubble session at all and it worked.

Ok, so your repeating group is referencing itself. The data source field is asking, “Where do you want me to get data to populate this repeating group?” The answer you’ve provided says, “Populate this repeating group with data that’s already in this repeating group.” Basically, you’re telling it to use it’s own data, which is empty, because you’re telling it to populate itself from itself, which is empty. It’s a vicious cycle!

What are you trying to populate this group with?

If you look at the API model its appearent I hope.

The parent thing is the subreddit. The children are the topics (also called listings).

I want to display topic title and image (for starters) on each topic belonging to the subreddit the API calls in a repeating group.

Right, I get that, but you aren’t specifying the API as the data source. I think that’s your problem. You’re telling the repeating group to expect a type of thing called “GetModelUSGov Data Children,” but then where it says Data Source, you need to specify where it’s getting that data from.

More explicitly, the data source for a repeating group cannot be itself, and right now, that’s how you have it set up.

You are absolutely right and when I change data to get data from API all works perfectly.

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Yay! That’s good news.

Thanks for your help. Gold star.

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