Repeating Group Not Repeating


I want to insert a group and an image in my repeating group though for the past few days bubble is not allowing me to do so. I have done so in the past without any issue.

Today I am able to insert a text box and a shape that will repeat, however any attempt to insert a group or image is unsuccessful.

Any suggestions?



By looking at your screenshot, I am not seeing the top line from the repeating group highlight like it should. Is this a simple project you can share out, I’d be glad to take a look at it.

I have had this issue as well occasionally. The fix that works for me is to place the element anywhere on the page. Then go to edit > cut. Then select the initial RG row and go edit > paste. I stress using the menu edit as CTRL C/V doesn’t do it.

Thank you so much! I had tried this with CTRL C/V without any luck - the menu edit works!

thanks for the offer Curt I appreciate it! Have found a workaround as below!


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