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Repeating Group not scrolling

We have a few repeating groups at various places in our app. One of them does not scroll when it should (we think), based on the # of items it has available to display. In the design editor, it is set to Infinite Scrolling, and shows 2 items without scrolling. However, in practice, it shows only 2 items and does not present a scroll bar.

This RG contains:

  • 3 text boxes, which get data dynamically from various aspects of the cell
  • 2 dropdown tags, each of which is populated from static choices (about 120 static choices)
  • A button that saves the tags

Are there constraints on what items can be present in a RG for it to scroll?

Can you share a link and describe which group we’re talking about? There should be a srcroll bar as soon as the content is higher than the repeating group, and if you didn’t pick the ‘full list’ layout.

This problem appeared in a Repeating Group with the Infinite Scrolling option chosen. It was reported by a few users, and I verified it to be the case. Now, oddly, it has gone away in my case with no code changes at our end and I’m checking with other users. I’ll put it down as a temporary Bubble / AWS issue – not sure how else to think of it.

If you see this again email us at [email protected] Thanks