Scrolling issue with Repeating Group

Hi! Weird wrinkle here I can’t figure out. I have a single page app with a repeating group that can extend longer than a single screen length. When I scroll up and down, sometimes it is fine, about half the time it gets stuck and I have to scroll again a few times before the scrolling works. I pull and the screen will move slightly and then bounce back to where it was.

I figured out that the mouse position matters - if I leave the mouse to the side of the screen (i.e. within the app but off the repeating group) it is fine - I can scroll away perfectly. BUT when the cursor is resting on the RG, I think it thinks I am trying to scroll within the cell of the RG instead of the whole page?

It is killing the UX and seems small but I can’t see a way to fix.

Any clues much appreciated!


Hey Steve,

Could you drop a screenshot of the RG and it’s properties?

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Thanks Ranjit!
Here are all the properties of the RG and I also include a screenshot of the RG in action.


I have similar issue with other RGs in the app but this one is the main one (and the simplest).

I’m really thankful to you for looking at this!


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